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Devised by renowned author and Oriental therapist Carlo De Paoli Do and based on his international best-selling book, 'Massage & Bodywork For Health & Sexual Healing' that has inspired a generation to learn the therapeutic and sensual benefits of massage.

A complete guide to a whole body massage that includes:

Discovering how to massage & soothe each of your partner's body areas - How to massage the back to soothe aching muscles whilst revitalizing & relaxing the whole body through the nerves emerging from the spine - Massaging legs and feet to comfort tired muscles, improve circulation, lessen fluid retention and reduce cellulite - Pamper arms and legs to increase circulation and protect against arthritis - Massaging to relax the abdomen and assist digestion. - How to release tension in the neck, face and skull to soothe away headaches and insomnia whilst reducing the appearance of aging through improved circulation and skin tone.

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Running Time: 50 minutes

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