Mechanisation On Farm

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In this fourth MFA Special Edition using genuine archive films, we take a look at the impact Harry Ferguson’s tractors and implements made to the mechanisation of the farm.

We look at new and efficient ways of dealing with the day to day labour intensive problems of keeping livestock by making use of existing equipment– which usually included the TE20. We also focus on mechanised crop row thinning and in particular sugar beet. A film released in Australia all about the Fergie is highlighted and by all accounts the locals were mighty impressed.

Hen’s teeth are more common than film of the Ferguson Model A tractor - better known as the Ferguson-Brown! This home movie footage of it harvesting and ploughing demonstrated beautifully what life was like all those years ago.

Farmers who farmed ‘The Ferguson Way’ expected top quality products with top quality service and that’s exactly what they got. Also included is a rousing call for building economically produced high quality tractors, based on Ferguson’s factory at Banner Lane.

So with considerable help from the TE20, farming became much more efficient and that famous ‘three point hitch and hydraulic system’ is still fitted to most tractors today – what an incredible legacy to Mechanisation of the Farm.

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