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n this second MFA Special Edition we take a look at the industrial uses of the Ferguson TE20 tractor and the simply astonishing range of attachments that were designed to be used with it. The brilliance of the Ferguson system allowed the Little Grey Fergie to apply itself to an incredible number of tasks in a variety of different industries thanks largely to its clever three-point hitch and power take off system.

Our first film looks at the work a Ferguson tractor could do on an ordinary construction site with the help of a surprising assortment of implements. We see a TE20 working in the Swedish timber industry in 'Modern Forest Methods'. 'Blue Ice' shows how one Little Grey Fergie helped build a research facility in the Antarctic. Two more films give detailed demonstrations of the enormous range of equipment that could be attached to the Ferguson Tractor allowing it to become a Backhoe Digger, Excavator, Wheeled Loader, Dumper, Bulldozer, Road Roller, Mobile Cement Mixer, Lawn Mower and many many more.

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