The History Of Banner Lane

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The Banner Lane factory was one of the largest and most successful tractor plants in the world. For over 50 years the factories highly skilled workers were at the forefront of production and development of tractor manufacturing. We look back over the years with some Banner Lane employees as they share their experiences and help tell the story from the birth of the TE20 to the sad day that "The Last Tractor" rolled off the production line.

This programme looks at the extensive history of the Banner Lane factory in Coventry. From being built and used as a shadow factory during the Second World War, the deal between Harry Ferguson and Sir John Black of the Standard Motor Company to begin production of the Ferguson TE20 there in 1946, to over half a century of pioneering triumph and unrivalled accomplishment.

Through revealing in depth interviews with key members of staff from the factory we learn about the increasing success of the Banner Lane plant including the different tractor models, which were designed, developed and built there by the highly skilled and dedicated workers who were Massey Ferguson to the core.

This stalwart of British manufacturing has sadly reached the end of its life but the achievements, the tractors and the memories will live on.

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Region: 2
Running Time: 94 minutes
Release Date: 17/11/10

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