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POWER SHIFTING is a new breed of programme that gets to grips with tractors of all ages, types and configurations from all over the world, putting them through their paces and pushing them to the limit in action packed, epic challenges.

This is tractor mania, as you've never seen it before. So who would win in a ploughing & cultivating contest between a Massey Ferguson 178 and a Roadless 75?

Power Shifting turns back the clock, field-testing these two iconic 4WD's from 1969. Its 'no holds barred' when red meets blue out in the field in an exciting head to head challenge - a true battle between two of Britain's most revered and popular tractors.

Join presenter Simon Henley as he also tackles the might and power of Britain's very first Steiger and gets to grips with a famous Ford FW60. In addition to these familiar giants of the seventies, we also test-drive a very rare 1955 Wagner Tractormobile - the world's first patented articulated tractor and an equally rare 1962 'two-stroke' Wagner WA 4.

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Running Time: 83 minutes

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