A Century Of Passion

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Athletic Bilbao are one of the great names of Spanish football, founded by British expatriates in 1898, and since the formation of Spain's national league in 1928 only Athletic, Real Madrid, and FC Barcelona have never been relegated, and play at 'La Catedral' - 'the cathedral of football'.

They have been consistently successful over their history; 8 La Liga Championships and 7 times Runner-ups, 24 Spanish Cup winners and beaten finalists on 11 occassions.

What makes the club unique and garners the immense loyalty of their fans, is their self-imposed policy of only signing Basque players, which exists to this day, that is an expression of Basque pride and a belief that they can win with just the "local boys".

The popular Bilbao bumper sticker summarized it as 'Con cantera y aficiUn, no hace falta impotaciUn' - "With homegrown teams and supporters, there is no need for 'imports'".

In the competitive world of modern football, it is not such an advantage but one that the tradition of the game was built on and one that in Bilbao has seen A Centenary Of Passion.

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