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Ex British triathlon Champion Rick Kiddle competed as an elite athlete worldwide. He has used this combination of 20 years competition experience along with 15 years coaching knowledge to create sought after, successful and innovative training programmes that will help novice and elite athletes to train and race for the results they seek.

This DVD is the second in the RKC Cycling Series. It is designed to work alongside the first one. To give you additional training rides on the Turbo Trainer that will work the correct energy systems to maximize your training time and help you achieve your goals.


  • Delta HR Test to measure current fitness condition
  • 20 minute Heart Zones Test
  • 20 minute warm up
  • Follow the coach in a challenging ride 20+ minutes
  • Two rough hill climbs with the coach 7 & 10 minutes
  • Extensive Intervals 65>85% against the coach 5x3 minutes
  • Measure power output
  • Special Scenic Ride at any intensity
  • Stretch Routine - upper & lower body


  • Determine correct intensity to ride at
  • Find your five heart zones
  • Rider preparation
  • Cardiovascular improvements, improved VO2
  • Strength & Lactate threshold
  • Lactate tolerance & high threshold
  • See actual improvement every ride
  • Build your own workout
  • Lengthen tight & contract muscles

All these rides build into one stunning workout that will help you create the motivation of a structured and well thought out training programme. There is over 2 hours of riding in this important second RKC Cycling Series DVD.

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