1966 World Cup

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The full match at Goodison Park between Brazil and Hungary, 1966, group 3 match in the World Cup held in England. From the original BBC film and narrated by Kenneth Wolstenholme.

In a free-flowing game, full of attacking flair, Hungary's latter-day heroes put mighty Brazil to the sword with a magnificent International performance.

The game was so good that the crowd stood and cheered the teams for more than an hour - after the game had finished! The knowledgeable Everton crowd cheered for Hungary and helped to lift the entire game to one of the finest ever seen in the World Cup. Watch for the tremendous organisation of the Hungarian defence, faced with football's most feared attack.

Watch for the silky ball skills of Florian Albert - and the broken shoulder of Kalman Meszoly. A simple sling and he was back on the pitch!

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Running Time: 90 minutes


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