Anky Van Grunsven

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So many schoolgirls dream of riding a wonder horse and becoming a champion, for Holland's Anky van Grunsven, this dream came true and she and the great Bonfire have taken the discipline of "Dressage to Music" to a new and higher plane of excellence, thrilling audiences worldwide during the last decade of the 20th Century.

Filmed at her home, Anky with the help of her trainer and partner Sjef, recalls how she turned a just broken two year old, with a penchant for bucking, into an outstanding champion and the programme shows many of her unforgettable rides which illustrate the way their career blossomed over the years. But the road to stardom was littered with many challenges and Anky explains how she has overcome so many of the obstacles.

This is the story of how both horse and rider conquered all and became champions of the Kur.

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Region: 2
Running Time: 70 minutes

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