Volume 2

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Meet the Funky Fools & Horses Club, a group of kids who hang out at the charity-run, inner city stables at Stepney Bank in the middle of Newcastle. See them taking their horses to the beach, competing in their first ever horse show, meeting a horse whisperer and holding their own Shetland Grand National. Plus they'll be giving out loads of Horsey hints and Pony Pointers!

Includes 3 episodes from the show:

Episode 5:

Everyone at the stables has racing fever as they prepare and train for the event of the year, the Shetland Grand National.

Episode 6:

The Funky Fools decide to hold a 'Pony Academy' where they teach people how to braid a pony's mane, approach a horse and how to give a horse a make over.

Episode 7:

The Funky Fools have to find a brave enough pony to play in the National Horseball Team.

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Region: 2
Running Time: 86 minutes

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