Basic Training
Volume 2

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A teaching film for carriage drivers, beginners and advanced.

This episode of 'Hitch up and Drive' is concerned with the driver. In a series of varied and easy to understand pictures, the film explains the technical jargon many drivers or would-be drivers have, so far regarded as 'double dutch', when they've read it in the instruction manuals.

The Achenbach system becomes part of the driver's 'active vocabulary', helping the learner to close the final gaps before climbing on the box and driving away. 'Knowing the ropes' is something the leisure driver or future competition driver can now also take for granted. A tour to a coach-building workshop gives the viewer an insight into the manufacture of modern quality vehicles.

In the final third of the film, reigning World Champion Michael Freund, takes some of the mystery out of four-in-hand driving.

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Region: 2
Running Time: 46 minutes

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