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From the great film archives of motor sports history, with the addition of interviews and comments both contemporaneous and recent, expertly compiled featuring all he marques and famous names, Aston Martin, The History Of The Racing DBRs, will delight both the enthusiast and historian.

Ten years after David Brown bought Aston Martin, he would finally achieve his racing goal with the company. That goal was the outright win at Le Mans. With Shelby and Salvadori behind the wheel, victory was inevitable. The car they piloted was the DBR1. This car benefited from ten years of David Brown`s racing trials. Cars suck as the DBR2, DB3 and DB3S led to the development of the DBR1, the most successful of all the Aston Martin Racing DBRs.

1959 was the culmination of all the hard work, the Year of Aston Martin. They would dominate the completion in almost every major race. For the third time in a row Aston Martin scored victory at Nurburgring with Moss and Fairman driving DBR1/1. This victory was one of Moss's great races, having to make up for expensive time lost with Fairman behind the wheel.

It was the year that Aston Martin's Racing DBRs became the first British team to win the World Sports Car Championship in a scintillating final race at Goodwood.

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