Stirling Moss:
Racing On

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From the great film archives of motor sports history, with the addition of interviews and comments both contemporaneous and recent, expertly complied featuring all the marques and famous names, STIRLING MOSS, Racing On, will delight the both the enthusiast and historian.

This could be any man approaching 70.. off to draw his pension, play dominoes at the Legion, renew his bus pass... don't you believe it... 50 years ago this man stepped into a sports car and within a couple of years had become a household name around the world, winning races against the world's best.... 50 years on and he is still a household name and is still motor racing.

This is the story of a man and a principality he made his own... of Stirling Moss and Monaco, scene of three of Moss's greatest victories, and return to race around the famous streets again as part of the 700th anniversary celebrations of Prince Rainier's Grimaldi family.

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