Century In Motion

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From the great film archives of motor sports history, with the addition of interviews and comments both contemporaneous and recent, expertly compiled featuring all the marques and famous names, Vauxhall A Century in Motion, will delight both the enthusiast and historian.

Alexander Wilson & Co., Engineers set up in business in 1857 in the Vauxhall Iron Works in Wandsworth, London and took the Fulk's griffin as his company badge. The company developed a small 1 cylinder marine petrol engine and this engine was then used as the basis for their "horseless carriage", of which the first was sold on 1 May 1903. Their first forray into motorsports was in 1908 when they entered a 20HP A Type, designed by Lawerence Pomeroy, into the RAC 2000 mile trial and became firmly committed to using motor sport as a means of marketing the company and in 1913 won 23 races at Brooklands.

Although Vauxhall's prominence in motorsports diminished upon being taken over by 1926 by General Motors, following the launch of the Viva in 1963 they began to reestablish the brand in motor sports, and Dealer Team Vauxhall (DTV) racing Magnums in the Tour of Britain and the outrageous DTV Firenza V8 5litre Super Saloon dominated the Tricentol SSC Championships in the mid 1970's.

It was the launch of the front wheel drive Astra in 1983, the Nova and Chevette that firmly positioned Vauxhall once again in the forefront of motorsports.

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