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A Double DVD collection, Lungeing and Long Reining, and Improving Your Dressage Test, with Dave Rawlins.

Disc 1: Improving Your Dressage Test

Dane Rawlins is one of the UK's foremost dressage rider and trainer and has a considerable reputation for training both horse and rider. He firmly believes that "dressage is a wonderful discipline and a wonderful sport". In this programme he shares his enthusiasm and expertise with you to help give you a greater level of enjoyment and satisfaction when riding a dressage test.

With the help of informative graphics and several different horses and riders Dane shows you that with careful preparation at home and a basic understanding of the test and its movements you can start to gain those vital extra marks. All aspects of Novice and Elementary tests are explained in detail plus hints on learning the test, riding corners and using the arena to your advantage.

Dane shares a wealth of useful tips from how to work in effectively to the judgements you have to make when things go wrong. He emphasises there are both negative and positive sides to problems and shows you how to get the best out of these situations when they arise.

Dressage competitions should be more of a pleasure than an ordeal and this programme will help give you the confidence to ride your dressage tests more efficiently and successfully.

Disc 2: Lungeing & Long Reining

This programme is dedicated solely to lungeing and long reining. Drawing on Dane's wealth of knowledge, he illustrates his ideas on lungeing, both with one rein and with two, aided by novice and more advanced horses. Dane explains how he uses long reining to help prepare horses towards more advanced movements.

This title should prove invaluable to anyone involved in breaking and schooling novice horses or training to a higher level, irrespective of their chosen discipline.

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Double DVDset
Region: 2
Running Time: 126 minutes

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