The Art Of Ploughing

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In this third MFA Special Edition we take a look at the art of good ploughing using genuine archive films featuring the TE20 tractor, Ferguson plough and of course the fantastic Ferguson System.

Harry Ferguson understood that good ploughing means good farming and with the increased mechanization of agriculture the inefficiency of traditional ploughs soon became clear to him. Ferguson recognized the opposing natural forces at work on the tractor and plough made the job harder and began designing a simple yet effective way of making them work for the benefit of the farmer.

In this programme we explore the advantages of using the Ferguson system and the superior ploughmanship that can be obtained from its use then celebrate its success as the 100,000th Ferguson plough comes off the lines. Two more outstanding films educate farmers on the use and maintenance of their Ferguson ploughs, demonstrate the most efficient method for ploughing lands economically and teach the finest techniques and corrections of an accomplished

Good Ploughing is an skill for which all farmers can take pride and with the help of the TE20 tractor, a Ferguson Plough and the genius of the Ferguson system even a novice farmer can quickly master The Art Of Ploughing.

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Region: 2
Running Time: 87 minutes
Release Date: 26/10/11

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