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Kyra Kyrklund is one of the most complete horsewomen of our time. Before concentrating on dressage, she was competing in both eventing and showjumping in her native Finland. Kyra has competed at five Olympic Games. Partnered by her unforgettable black stallion, Matador, she won a Silver Medal at the 1990 World Equestrian Games in Stockholm and the Volvo World Cup in Paris in 1991.

After seven years as chief dressage trainer at the Swedish National Stud at Flyinge, Kyra is now based in England from where she travels to do clinics and seminars around the world.

"Balance - the what, why and how" is the key to Kyra's logical training system. This series gives you the opportunity to appreciate and benefit from her clear and consistent training techniques. Each programme gives comprehensive guidelines to the "building blocks" of her effective "start, stop, turn" formula from the basic stages through to the most advanced levels of dressage training.

This system and philosophy has not only enabled Kyra to produce 14 international Grand Prix horses but also to train many riders in Olympic dressage, showjumping and eventing. She believes that the influence of correct basic level training gives the horse the confidence to perform consistently and successfully in any sphere.

Volume 1: Communication Between Horse and Rider

The first volume in the series "Training with Kyra Kyrklund" concentrates on Kyra's personal philosophy on communication between man and horse and how the art of dressage and the use of the horse has developed over the centuries.

She demonstrates how the rider can harness the natural reactions of the horse in a positive way by using a simple and logical signal system plus the judicious use of reward and correction. She emphasises the importance of mutual harmony and communication and what to do if communications break down.

Kyra says "Comunication is the feeling put into a technique - and that communication is horsemanship".

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