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Seven abnormal loads are featured on this absorbing 55-minute DVD filmed in Europe and the United States by trucking specialists Videoprofessionals.

Perhaps the most striking item is the 1,000-ton U-boat salvaged off the coast of Denmark and loaded for shipping to Liverpool's Merseyside maritime museum. On the road, the 87-metre-long transport is managed by computerised platform trucks, and the same technology is seen in use in Florida to move the central core of a coal gasification unit across Interstate 75. At the destination, the world's largest crane, a Demag CC-12000, hoists the equipment to complete the plant.

The other loads shown are moved by truck combinations along highways and past the obstacles presented by small towns and villages. Most of the loads are industrial units ranging between 100 and 460 tons, though some lighter freight is included. The commentary draws out the skills of the drivers and operators, working patiently to minimum tolerances and with various degrees of forward planning and assistance.

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Running Time: 55 minutes

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