Volume 14

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The first section of this programme shows the removal of a paper cylinder from a factory in Kendal.

We then see the unloading of what was then the world's largest paper cylinder from a ship in Watchet and it's installation at a paper tissue plant in Watchet. Wrekin Roadways were aquired by Wynns in the late 1970s and we see a GEC transformer being delivered to Meaford Power Station by two Scammells still in Wrekin Roadways livery.

A Guy Big J and tanker are shown driving across fields in order to assist in the clearing of a pollution incident. Liverpool Docks and trailer '789' and two Scammells are seen emerging from the ACL container ship 'Atlantic Causeway' after loading a 120 ton casting bound for Garringtons, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire. At Newport Docks, we see how the deck of 'Aberthaw Fisher' moves to allow a large transformer to be raised from 'below decks' to the awaiting trailer.

Many other UK moves are also shown.

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Region: 0
Running Time: 62 minutes

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