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Here you will see some superb examples of the haulage needed to support the continuing expansion of the iron-ore business on Australia’s north-west coast. Pete Connock has filmed some of the most exciting trucks in the world, operating between Perth and the Pilbara to supply the mining communities with their essential goods and to move iron ore.

So, besides filming ‘standard’ two- and three-trailer road trains, Pete was able to record monster lifts of heavy mining equipment up to several hundred tonnes as well as some of the world’s largest mining trucks in action. Two-engined equipment from Powertrans working off-road provides a particularly thrilling feature in this absorbing programme.

The script is by Martin Phippard, Pete Connock’s partner in the specialist company, CP Productions, which for over twenty years has been making films for trucking enthusiasts.

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Running Time: 75 minutes

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