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This programme starts with Diamond 'T' EDW 95 and trailer moving 303 moving an 80-ton turbo alternator from English Electric, Stafford to Stourport Power Station. The move took place in November 1949 and was Wynns first move for English Electric. Two Scammell Contractors are shown moving a 240-ton vessel over soft ground at the Mobil refinery Coryton, Essex. The vessel was 180 feet long and was one of fourteen moved by Wynns for Blaesbjorg UK.

In April 1975, at the Whessoe Plant Yard, Middlesborough, Wynns moved a 1400-ton North Sea Oil Rig module some 500 yards onto a floating pontoon. The module was 232ft long, 43ft wide and 56ft high.

A Scammell Junior Contractor and a pair of three-line bogies were used to move a vessel from Danks Engineering, Netheron to Liverpool docks. At 41.68m long and weighing 65 tonnes it was the longest vessel to be built by Danks.

A number of various moves featuring Pacifics, 45-ton chain-driven Scammells and Foden Drawbar tractor 112 are also featured.

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