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This programme is compiled exclusively from 8mm and 16mm film taken by Wynns staff during the 1940s, '50s, '60s and '70s.

The first few moves feature Wynns Foden Drawbar tractor 112 and Scammell chain drive units coupled to solid-tyred trailers. The loads included a Scotch Marine boiler, a 100 tons casting and an Excavator.

1970s footage of Stanier 'Black Five' No. 45379 is shown being moved from Barry to the Bristol Suburban Railway Society, Bristol. Also 'Urie' S 15 No. 30506 en route to the Mid-Hants Railway. Diamond 'T' ODW 937 with a 106 tons girder for Bradwell Power Station is seen being assisted by a Scammell Highwayman in the orange and black livery of Essex Carriers.

In 1977 Wynns moved a 108 tons pressure vessel a distance of 4 miles within the Proof and Experimental Establishment site at Pendine. The vessel measured 66ft long x 35ft wide x 14ft diameter.

Loading a 30 tonne Electrical Rotor into a Boeing 747 Freighter at Prestwick would probably be one of the most unusual tasks undertaken by Wynns.

Many more moves are featured.

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Running Time: 60 minutes

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