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This programme starts with the last of the film footage featuring the Head Wrightson Road/Rail Transporter moving a 120 ton transformer.

In 1974 Wynns were contracted by WAPC to move cement kiln sections from Apapa Port, Lagos to the new cement works at Shagamu, some 40 miles north of Lagos. WAPC were also building another new facility at Ashaka in the Savannah region of north east Nigeria. Ashaka was 1700 miles from Apapa and much of the journey was over unmade roads. Some 20,000 tons of equipment of equipment was hauled to the two sites over a period of six years.

From October 1974 to October 1975 Wynns, in conjunction with Mammoet of Holland, moved a total of 3,000 tons plus of equipment from Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania the 1500 miles to Kafue sidings, south of Lagos. The equipment was then re-loaded for the 100 mile jounery to the Kariba Dam site as and when required by the construction enginners. 300 miles from Dar-es-Salaam is the kitonge Goreg with it's five miles of gradients of up to 1:10.

Final loads for the Kenana Sugar factor, Sudan are also shown plus some 'spot hire' moves.

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