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American truckers can trace their origins back to the fiercely independent wagoneers' of the old west, the original teamsters. Today the teamster's descendants drive some of the biggest and most outstanding rigs in the world.

Truckers are the mainstay of the American transport system, carrying by far the greater portion of all goods moved. Hard working and proud, the US trucker enjoys a unique style admired and emulated by truckers and enthusiasts the world over.

But what is it really like to be a trucker in America today?

No film about US trucking would be complete with out a generous helping of shiny metal and show trucks, but this film goes much further, its really about truckers and trucking across America. The film crew travelled some 12,000 miles across 26 states, through mountain blizzards, rolling plains and southern desert. This last incarnation of the American cowboy spirit is revealed in 'Trucking USA', from a documentary team with over fifty BBC and Channel 4 programmes behind them. This is the closest that a documentary has come to the American truckers' experience, providing a fascinating insight into a unique and colourful way of life.

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