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Quernhow Truckstop on the A1 was the start point for Ted Hannon's second two-day Phoenix Run and once again that was all the 60+ entrants knew until he handed out the route sheets for the first day's journey.

The 2005 run saw quite a few 'new' vehicles entered including a pair of Leyland Super Beavers owned by Robert Hood and Stephen Rowlands. Tony Brostow's 1974 Scammel Routeman was making its Phoenix Run debut as was the newley restored 1953 Leyland Beaver belonging to Shaun Swain and Tony James.

Bob Bayliss's 1969 ERF LV was on its second road run, having made its debut on The Cheshire Run two weeks earlier.

The first day's route was Quernhow, Ripon, Blubberhouses, Kendal and Shap finishing at Carlisle. Sunday's return journey was via Brampton and Alston to Quernhow.

Lots of fast running, great scenery and a fantastic soundtrack make this programme a must for truck enthusiasts.

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Running Time: 65 minutes

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